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The Refuge - Semen Buck - Texas Sam The Refuge - Semen Buck - Blade The Refuge - Semen Buck - Honky Tonk The Refuge - Semen Buck - Sideways
The Refuge - Semen Buck - Big O The Refuge - Semen Buck - 2Wide The Refuge - Semen Buck - Bladestar The Refuge - Semen Buck - Stemwinder


Thank you for your interest in our genetics. The Refuge is a 3,500 acre working ranch, dairy and whitetail deer operation located between Corsicana and Athens on the banks of the Trinity River. We’ve been selectively breeding whitetail deer for over 20 years. Over the course of these many years, we’ve established a group of females that have proven time and again to raise big bucks. But our program is more than just a few big bucks; the consistency of our age groups is the true testimony of our success. We've raised hundreds of different 200”- 300" bucks, all under 4 years of age. Since the beginning, we’ve bred our deer to be healthy, productive and to transmit big antlers. For over 20 years, we've refined the capacity to pass bigger antlers to our young bucks. When we started raising deer, we selectively purchased the biggest bucks available in Texas and nationwide but, contrary to the times, we also recognized the importance of the pedigrees of the doe we bought. We knew it was crucial that we purchase doe with the best big bucks in their pedigrees and we then kept meticulous records on our doe and their offspring. This was a tall order back then, when most deer breeding focused only on the bucks. Our proven results are due to our long years of detailed attention to our females and their pedigrees. Our deer have proven to cross exceptionally well with other reputable breeders such as Dugger, Wheeler, Riser, Pressley and Robert Williams genetics.

Purchasing Refuge females to natural breed or artificial breed could be your best bet in the deer business. With Refuge females, you’ll have the deepest pedigrees in Texas from a herd that has been primarily closed since 1994 – so even our deer with slight northern influence are very acclimated to Texas conditions. You’ll be able to maximize your out-cross breeding which promotes hybrid vigor that produces bigger antlers at earlier ages and have a healthier herd with our genetics.

All of our deer are DNA registered, or subject to registration with NADR. We are CWD compliant with TP&W and TAHC monitoring programs. Whether your goal is to artificial inseminate or natural breeding, adding Refuge genetics can take your program to the next level! Our primary goal is to supply our clients with the best and healthiest deer, with the deepest pedigrees available in Texas.

Chris McSpadden, long time manager of The Refuge, is a 4th generation rancher in Navarro County. Chris has specialized in handling and raising animals all of his life. This experience has led to us increasingly raising bigger, healthier deer. Chris offer's pen management, husbandry and breeding strategy consulting services.

Heath Reynolds, a long-time family friend of the Sodd family, came to work for The Refuge in August 2009. Heath worked at the ranch when he was in high school and helped with all aspects of the ranch in the early years. Heath's honesty, integrity and work ethic has made him a valueable asset to The Refuge.

Recently, one of Texas’ best breeders paid us a visit, he made the comment that our 2 and 3 year old bucks could provide every breeder in Texas with a great breeder buck. Seeing our deer in person will offer you a deeper appreciation and a better understanding of our breeding program. Give us a call to schedule a visit. Thanks again for taking an interest in the proven, transmissible genetics of The Refuge.  We hope you enjoy our web site and we look forward to getting a chance to know you. Please email Chris at chris@refugewhitetails.com to schedule an appointment to see our deer, tour our facilities or just sit down and talk deer.